March 15, 2013

"I'll always keep you with me...You'll be always on my mind..."

Headband - Noodles - Sakura Headband (Hematite)

Eyes - IKON Ardent Eyes (Skyfall)

Skin -Izzie's - Fuyu Skin pale Cherry Blossoms

Necklace - Noodles - Sakura Necklace (Hematite)

Romper - SYSY's SpringRomper (WhiteOrchid)

Flowers' prop - HIS - blossoms 

All those items cited above are new and can be found at @The Boutique.
It's a new bi-monthly event that just started today, March, 15th and it will go on until April, 10th. This event is brought by The Liaison Collaborative.


Hair - >TRUTH< Lavinia (Pearl)

Poses - Imeka


Arquinho - Noodles - Sakura Headband (Hematite)

Olhos - IKON Ardent Eyes (Skyfall)

Skin -Izzie's - Fuyu Skin pale Cherry Blossoms

Colar - Noodles - Sakura Necklace (Hematite)

Macacão - SYSY's SpringRomper (WhiteOrchid)

Prop/Enfeite de flores - HIS - blossoms 

Todos os itens citados acima são lançamentos e podem ser achados no @The Boutique.
O The Boutique é um novo envento bimensal que estreiou hoje, dia 15 de Março e vai até 10 de Abril. Esse evento é organizado pelo The Liaison Collaborative.


Cabelo - >TRUTH< Lavinia (Pearl)

Poses - Imeka


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