November 24, 2012

Bees Through the Seasons...

"Bees Through the Seasons comes around 4 times a year for each season! The event will last a month only. Every time the event buzzes back around a new mix of creators will be chosen to create something themed matching the season for our little bee garden. The garden is only small but filled with such talent, something different each time and something for everyone. Buzz on down and see what the bees have been busy with this season! Opening on november 24th."

Bees Through The Seasons is a new event brought by Crystalny, and started today, 12pm SLT. 

There are a bunch of talented designers and the sim decoration itself is so pretty you must go visit!


Estreiou hoje, dia 24 de Novembro, o evento Bees Through The Seasons, que durará um mês e todas as lojas criaram algo inspirado em abelhas. É um evento pequeno mas muito charmoso, cheio de criadores talentosos.

E além de tudo a decoração do lugar é tão linda que vale muito a pena visitar!


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